Alouettes president says team ‘won’t be discussing’ job security of Reed, Sherman

So earlier this afternoon we ran a story that Mike Sherman would be returning to the Montreal Alouettes as head coach based on the reporting of Didier Orméjuste, the reporter from RDS who covers the team. Here’s his tweet:




That lined up with a Tweet from radio personality Mario Langlois based on an interview with Als linebacker Henoc Muamba, who said that Sherman told the team he’d be back next season.

OK cool, Sherman’s coming back right? Not so fast says Dave Naylor of TSN.

Whoa, OK that’s a bit different take on things. Sherman “wanting” to be back and Sherman “knowing” he’ll be back are… not same thing. Maybe general manager Kavis Reed can clear this up…

So… we have a head coach saying he’ll back and telling players he’ll be back, a team president saying, in essence, that nobody in football operations is safe and a general manager saying nothing at all.

The Montreal Alouettes are 3-13 and haven’t made the playoffs in four years.

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