B.C. Lions defensive back taunts Esks player, gets trucked, goes viral

A video clip from this weekend’s game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the B.C. Lions has gone seriously viral.

The clip shows B.C. defensive back Garry Peters taunting an Edmonton Eskimos receiver (looks like Duke Williams) before getting absolutely trucked at the line of scrimmage.

The clip was first Tweeted by an Edmonton Eskimos fan named Jason Milne, who posted it early Saturday morning.

But things really took off when big names like Jemele Hill, a former ESPN personality now with the Atlantic with over a million followers and Barstool Sports (also over a million) picked up on it.

The original video had been viewed more than five million times by Sunday morning and is now being used in other contexts… the next step in true internet infamy.

There are two takeaways from this: one, taunting looks really bad if it isn’t backed up and 2) you never really know what the internet is going to care about.

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