CFL: There is no agreement with the Mexican football league

According to the CFL, there is no more formal agreement between the league and Professional American Football League of Mexico.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie was on a fact-finding mission to Mexico to discuss a possible agreement with the LFA but the CFL says nothing has been formalized.

“There is a lot of passion on both sides for the idea of a partnership between the CFL and LFA,” the league said in statement. “But there is no agreement in place and none has been reached. Lots of details remain to be worked out.”

The Mexican league, enthusiastic about a partnership, held a press conference with Ambrosie Wednesday night in Mexico City.

“Our plan in the short term is to welcome some of the very best players from Mexico into our great league under a new category ‘global player,'” Ambrosie said during the media availability. “We’ve been talking to our governors, our teams, our players about the opportunities that this would create to expand the game of football, to bring to Canadian football and players from around the world to excite them and thrill them.”

A number of times during the press conference, Ambrosie refers to an agreement with the LFA as if it’s a done deal.

“We have an opportunity today to begin a project together as partners to expand international football, to grow the game of football both here in Mexico and in Canada and around the world,” Ambrosie said. “This partnership is the first of what we plan on being an alliance between our two great countries, our two great leagues and the potential for that alliance to expand all around the world.”

But the league now says that’s not the case.

The LFA was founded in 2016 and currently has eight teams and schedule starting in the third week of February and finishing in April with the Mexico Bowl. Teams are currently permitted to field two foreign players per team, usually from NCAA Division II or III schools.

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