It looks like the CFL is about to partner with a Mexican football league

So maybe this is nothing but it sure looks like the CFL is about to announce some kind of partnership with the Professional American Football League of Mexico.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie is in Mexico and is, in case you need reminding, a large human who used play offensive line in the league.

And here’s a Tweet from Miguel Boada Nájera, a freelance journalist in Mexico City.

According to Wikipedia, the league was founded in 2016, has eight teams and, well… from wiki.

American football has been played in Mexico for 90 years and is the sixth most popular sport in the country. In 2015 a group of investors decided to offer football while the NFL is offseason and founded the LFA, which would start two weeks after Super Bowl 50. Some of the players had not played for several years and most of them combined training and playing with other full-time jobs. In the first season, there was an average of 2000 attendees per game, and there were significant financial problems.

Maybe this is some kind of weird hoax (although the last Twitter sleuthing story we had turned out to be bang on) but it certainly jives with a blog post from Randy Ambrosie which said, in part:

When I talk about expanding our international presence, I’m talking about building bridges with the more than 30 other countries, outside of North America, that play gridiron football.

Without any of the details, it’s hard to know what – if anything – to make of Tweets from a couple guys in Mexico. But if this means a Grey Cup in Mexico, well, then let’s talk over a cerveza or two about how to make this partnership really work.

UPDATE: Yep, looks pretty official… though nothing at all from the CFL.

Entrevista con el comisionado de la CFL, Randy Ambrosie

Posted by Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional LFA on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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