Former Ticats TV host diagnosed with cancer, needs a little help

Kinga Muszynski was a Ticats TV host back in 2014 and while it would be a stretch to say I knew her well – we would occasionally chat during the sometimes interminable wait for coaches and players after practice – she always struck me as a perfectly nice and competent young woman.

I say “young” because I was shocked to learn this week that Kinga has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing a number of health challenges as a result. Here’s her story courtesy her sister Dee, via their GoFundMe page.

Despite its imposing geography, the CFL community is a small one and it has an excellent, in some ways unprecedented reputation for taking care of its own. Kinga may not be well known to fans in say Vancouver or Regina or Montreal but she is recognizable as one of us, a member of the larger tribe, brought together by football. On a more human level, she’s a woman stricken with cancer whose family has asked for a little bit of help.

This isn’t a plea for support: that’s a decision for the individual based on means and values. But we at 3Down trumpet all kinds of silly and dumb stuff, so using our little platform to give Kinga’s plight a little push seems, quite literally, like the least we can do.

Get well, Kinga.

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