It sure looks like Alessia Cara will be the Grey Cup halftime act (UPDATE: it’s true.)

UPDATE: The CFL has made it official.

So the official announcement for the Grey Cup halftime act is supposed to take place today at halftime of the Eskimos game with the Bombers but the news may have already leaked out.

Several Twitter accounts supporting Canadian singer Alessia Cara are saying she’ll be performing on Nov. 25 at Commonwealth.

The Tweet links to a Global News page that exists but the video is currently inactive, meaning they likely pulled it down.

The 22-year-old Cara is from Brampton and performed at the pre-game show at the 2016 Grey Cup in Toronto. In January, she was named Best New Artist at the Grammys, the first Canadian to win the award. The move makes sense: she appeals to the younger demographic the CFL is chasing and she’s from Canada.

We’ll wait for the official announcement but it sure looks like Cara is the one.

Props to Ticat fan and internet sleuth Laura Stewart (@lstewy) for figuring it out.

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