CFL starts fake Twitter beef between its own teams

So beef in the CFL gets started in all kinds of ways – quotes to reporters, Twitter or Instagram posts, general crap talking – but this might be a first; conflict between teams (and a player) started by the league itself.

It began with a Tweet from the B.C. Lions, who did a walkthrough at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton before Saturday’s game with the Ticats. It featured some dancing…

Those are pretty good dance moves and it’s a fun bit of social media content that fans are likely to gobble up: collect your 150 likes and move on. But the CFL decided to throw some fuel on the previously unlit fire.

That got the two teams involved…

Then some fans started sniping at each other…

Finally, a response from an actual player.

I like a bulletin board beef or revenge story as much as the next guy (this one is pretty good.) I’ve written more than my fair share in my day and we’ve posted quite a few here on 3Down. I guess what I find weird about this one is that the CFL more or less created it: real beef can’t be manufactured, it has to be raised naturally by players or teams who genuinely dislike each other. This feels like beef grown in a laboratory by social media interns.

Maybe I’m just salty the league is getting into the beef business, something that was previously solely the media’s purview. But they also know (or should know) as well as I do that Wally Buono and the guy that runs the Lions communications’ shop, Jamie Cartmell, aren’t inclined toward this kind of stuff: Cartmell’s work is generally more original. I actually reached out to Cartmell to ask him if the Lions were trying to make some kind of statement with the dance routine and the video.

“Ah no,” he said. “Never dawned on anyone other than some jackass doing the league Twitter.”

Now THAT is some tasty beef.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get a sideline hit from Scianitti playing up the controversy and maybe Banks will say something tasty after the game (not if they lose though.) Simoni Lawrence has weighed in. Either way, it’s hard to believe that the outcome of Saturday’s game will be influenced in any way by David Mackie’s moderately impressive dance moves.

Perhaps will leave the last word to one of the CFL’s better talkers, a guy who certainly know if the Lions were trying to clown the Ticats…

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