Argos’ Duron Carter to get increased reps against Stampeders

Duron Carter should see more run against the Stampeders.

Argos head coach Marc Trestman believes Carter has earned the chance to take more snaps on game day.

“He’s not there yet but he’ll get more opportunities this week then he did a week ago with our installation. We would expect to see him play more reps,” Trestman said.

“We gotta do what’s best for our football team, what’s best for him is what’s best for our football team and we approach it that way. We want to be able to put him in where he can have a positive impact on our football team and not hurt our football team. The measuring stick this week is that he’ll play more this week than he did a week ago.”

Carter has played in two games for the Double Blue but has yet to put a reception on the stat sheet: just stepping on the field for actual live action has been rare for Carter. Despite sitting tied last in the East Division and needing wins down the stretch, Carter has remained largely on the sidelines (when actually dressed in the Argos uniform.)

“Well, he hasn’t had those kind of opportunities because he hasn’t been ready to do that. We took him, we brought him in and we had a two-week period where we weren’t even thinking about playing him,” Trestman said.

“Actually, we got him up a game early because we felt that he deserved that opportunity to get in and get involved and be a part of our team on game day.”

The 27-year-old was a CFL all-star in 2017 with the Saskatchewan Roughriders recording 1,043 yards and eight touchdowns – both career-best totals – on 73 receptions.

“We’re not going to rush him, we’re not in a hurry, we gotta do what’s best for the team,” Trestman said.

“And this week what’s best for the team he’ll get more opportunities, more reps in the game and hopefully he can positively impact like we want all our players to do.”

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