Did Johnny laugh it up after Pipkin’s second pick-six?

The evidence is far from conclusive, but it sure looked as if Johnny Manziel had a good chuckle after Alouettes quarterback Antonio Pipkin threw his second pick-six of the fourth quarter.

TSN cameras cut to Manziel just moments after Anthony Orange’s interception for the Lions put the final, final nail in the Alouettes coffin.

Here’s Manziel’s reaction…

And the full clip courtesy of TSN’s Twitter feed.

The reaction is all the more interesting after Manziel missed three days of practice this week – but still managed to record his podcast – then said he was frustrated about losing his starting job to Pipkin, who’d won two straight before Friday’s stinker.

Again, it’s hardly definitive proof. But in case you thought we were the only ones who saw it….

Despite his frustration over not playing – every player thinks they should start – and Pipkin’s admittedly horrendous performance, laughing at a teammates’ misfortune while the club is getting its ass kicked is, to say the least, not cool.

But yeah, the Alouettes should definitely reward Manziel’s run of questionable behaviour by starting him next week.

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