Johnny Manziel records weekly podcast, despite missing three days of practice

Johnny Manziel may have been too sick to practice this week but he was evidently well enough to produce his podcast.

Manziel, who has missed three days of practice this week with what the team is calling the “flu,” nonetheless dropped the latest episode of the Comeback Szn podcast on Thursday morning. Manziel, who appears alongside agent Erik Burkhardt and host Kayce Smith, did not address his illness, his absence from practice or talk any CFL whatsoever.

Instead, the trio delved into American college football and various ancillary issues, including the recent trend toward gimmicky rewards for on-field plays such as the Miami turnover chain and the Florida State backpack. Manziel’s favourite, however comes from a Georgia high school coach and it led to this memorable exchange.

“I like the guy that was giving his guys syrup on the sidelines after a pancake block,” Manziel said. “That’s way more my style… I’ve chugged a couple of bottles of syrup in my day.”

“I’m not touching that,” Burkhardt says.

“Shenanigans, Kayce, shenanigans,” Manziel responds.

Other topics included how Burkhardt once took a swing at Johnny over a prank involving ketchup (which Burkhardt apparently loathes) and how Eminem was his inspiration to get into the agent business. That led to a brief discussion of the rapper’s new album, which has sparked some controversy in rap circles.

“Johnny, what was the controversy with Machine Gun Kelly?” Burkhardt asked.

“You know, I’ve been a little pre-occupied with football to get into my hip-hop beef of late,” Johnny said.

Not so pre-occupied, it would seem, to actually attend practice.

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