Fan accidentally trolls Argos host, provides unintentional example of human decency


Awful troll behaviour on social media is so commonplace it’s hardly worth mentioning these days. But every now and again something that looks and feels nasty turns, unexpectedly, into an example of general human decency.

After Saturday’s game between Toronto and Hamilton, Argonaut sideline reporter Kate Pettersen retweeted a rude comment she received from a fan with the handle @Spitzka, along with her thoughts on receiving said comment:

Reaction from the CFL social community was universally supportive of Pettersen, whose experienced her fair share of personal tragedy over the last decade or so. Her father, former CFL receiver Leif Pettersen, died of a heart attack in 2008 and her mom passed away from cancer in 2017. Fans and media types offered up messages of encouragement:

Among those messages was this one from a woman who said she was the offending troll’s sister:

It seems that instead of typing “cold” @Spitzka missed the “c” and accidentally typed “old” – there’s even an extra space where he hit the space bar instead of the letter “c.” He copped to his mistake on Twitter.

Even better: Pettersen accepted the incident as an honest mistake and did her best to clear things up.

Not every interaction between fans and members of the media ends with this kind of magnanimous behaviour on both sides so it’s probably worth celebrating (or at least mentioning) when it does.

Of course, @Spitzka’s sister had to get in one more chirp because, well, social media demands it.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect @Spitzka’s assertion that he’s not a Ticats fan.

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