Riders Chris Jones mocked for forcing reporters to repeat themselves

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones’ penchant for making reporters repeat their questions has amused TSN anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole.

The duo, who host SC with Jay and Dan on TSN Sunday through Thursday at midnight, put together a video compilation and it’s pretty funny.

In the lead up to the video, Onrait says TSN reporter Claire Hanna is most often victimized by Jones’ bouts of supposedly faulty hearing. Our sources in Regina say that Jones has done it to other reporters – usually when he doesn’t like the question – but forces Hanna to re-ask her questions on a near-daily basis.

As it so often does, not answering (or hearing) questions leads to more questions: does Jones legitimately have a hearing problem (which we shouldn’t make fun of)? Is he avoiding questions he doesn’t want to answer? Is he trolling Hanna, who is relatively new to the beat? Does Chris Jones actually have a sense of humour and this is a weird way of showing it?

Somebody should ask him. Doubt he’ll hear the question though.

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