Chris Jones showing fashion sense by wearing green shirt: Riders players

Chris Jones’ colour choice has the Riders players seeing – and believing – in green.

“It’s not bad to have a little fashion sense. He always has on all black, I guess it’s a good look for him if he wants to look tough all the time, but a little bit lighter on the eyes with the green. If that’s what’s making us win, keep it up coach,” all-star defensive back Ed Gainey said.

Saskatchewan is 3-0 – beating Calgary, B.C. and Winnipeg – since the Roughriders head coach and general manager has been wearing a green t-shirt on the sideline for gamedays, but it’s not always the exact same.

“I think they’ve got three or four of them because when they wash them they kind of stretch out, so Gordie’s [equipment manager Gordon Gilroy] got three or four of them I reckon,” Jones said.

“The kids have a good time with it so that’s the main thing. If I showed up without my green shirt on they would probably kill me.”

Jones literally does not own any shirts that aren’t black. Defensive end Willie Jefferson likes the change to green as a noted fashion expert according to Jones.

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