Green Cast: BEER! Oh, and another Rider win

It was a huge weekend at Mosaic Stadium, especially for Joel Gasson and John Fraser, as local Saskatchewan craft beer finally made it’s way to Rider games.

Oh, the Riders also won their third straight game and now sit second in the west division. The Riders have just one game left in theird six game western stretch, with that in mind, Joel and John discuss where the team is at and what we’ve learned about them over this stretch.

While thing are starting to look up for the green and white, the Bombers may have exposed a couple of weaknesses despite the win. Most notably, the lack of a true middle linebacker and short yardage offence.

Across the league, they examine a potential curse. This season, just four teams ranked second in the 3DownNation power rankings have won, not including bye weeks. It’s only happened once since the fifth week of the season. So, Joel completely rips of Sportsnet’s Tim and Sid and asks the question, is this a super stat or a meaningless number?


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