Alouettes go Glieberman, turn home game into creepy singles night

The Montreal Alouettes are trying to help their fans do something that has eluded the football team for large portions of the season – score.

The Als are looking for fans to hook up when they host the B.C. Lions next week at Percival Molson Stadium. Guests can wear different coloured bracelets to demonstrate their availability to the opposite sex.

Some critics have suggested that this marketing ploy is worthy of the infamous (and not always politically correct) Lonie Glieberman.

Glieberman planned a Mardi Gras promotion back in 2004 while serving as the president of the Ottawa Renegades.

Though the promotion was eventually cancelled, the plan was to have women in attendance lift their tops in exchange for beads. Glieberman has defended the promotion as recently as 2014 when he told the Ottawa Sun that, “Mardi Gras was a good decision … It was a fun promotion.”

Encouraging heterosexual fans to wear bracelets indicating their relationship status would seem to open up all kinds of possibilities for boorish behaviour and harassment – not to mention the fact there’s a whole other set of less innocuous interpretations. At the very least, it’s a little creepy and kinda gross.

Given that the league has been lauded for its progressive approach to diversity and trumpeted its violence against women policy while suspending players, it will be interesting to see if this promotion draws the interest of CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie. And not because he wants a bracelet.

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