Johnny Manziel gets cold balls in comedy video with Kevin Hart

Johnny Manziel is Cold as Balls – and it’s not even winter in Montreal yet.

The Alouettes quarterback appeared on the latest episode of Kevin Hart’s YouTube web series which features the comedian and movie star interviewing sports personalities while seated in a cold tub – hence the name Cold As Balls.

The 13-minute segment with Manziel features Hart making fun of the “Money Manziel” gesture – which Manziel has stopped using – and rehashes much of the usual fare: Maziel’s time at Texas A&M, his selection in the NFL Draft and fall from grace. There isn’t a single reference to the CFL – it’s unclear when the piece was filmed – but there are some interesting tidbits.

Manziel talks about his rise to fame at A&M which he says began with a win over Alabama during his redshirt freshman season.

“Every single person was around our bus, class started being different. I started having to get a golf cart to get driven to class and stuff like that,” Manziel said.

That last bit got Hart’s attention.

“Whoa! Back up, wait a minute, Hollywood. Who drove the cart… What in the goddamn name of white privilege just happened here?”

Manziel also recounted his struggle to deal with fame and the pressure that came with it, much of which he has revealed before.

“I felt like I was the guy that had to party to play good,” Manziel said.

For those who enjoy fart jokes – and really, who doesn’t? – there is a funny moment when it appears as though Manziel lets one rip in his cold tub.

“Did you just fart?” an incredulous Hart asks. “What the [expletive] just happened, Johnny?”

“Pardon me,” Manziel says, chuckling.

“Did we just have our first poot on Cold as Balls?” Hart says.

The full episode is available on YouTube but it is geo-protected for U.S.-based viewers (which is why we’re not embedding it.) Canadian viewers are supposed to download the Snackable TV app – owned by Bell, the parent company of TSN – and watch it there. But as of Tuesday afternoon, the Manziel episode still wasn’t available.

Ah, poot.

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