Duron Carter has gone fishing as only Duron can

While speculation runs rampant about where Duron Carter will play football next he has gone fishing.

Carter, who recently deleted his insanely entertaining Twitter account, is still active on Instagram and has been posting updates over the last couple of days from his uncle’s cottage – former Raptors head coach Butch Carter, who still lives in Toronto.

A sample:


Yep, Carter was on Instagram Live fishing on a jet ski Thursday night and Friday morning while also answering questions from fans, including one who asked him why he deleted his Twitter.

“This is probably the only social media that I’ll be doing is Instagram live. Twitter’s full of too silly ass people and then I get in trouble for talking to silly ass people,” Carter said.

The 27-year-old receiver visited the Argos over the past week and getting rid of Twitter led some to believe that was the first step in joining the Argos because head coach Marc Trestman is not fond of players being on social media.

Carter also saw the highlights from Hamilton’s win over Edmonton which included Ticats receiver Chris Williams suffering a potential season-ending Achilles injury. He was asked if he was thinking about joining the Ticats.

“You don’t reach out to a team and be like hey you guys want me? Ya’ll don’t understand free agency or getting cut. I don’t think ya’ll understand players, period. ‘Hey just hop on my favourite team, we need somebody.’ Dude just got hurt, you should be more worried about dude getting hurt than having me come replace him,” Carter said.

“But what should I know I get kicked off teams for being a terrible guy.”

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