Celebration Football League: CFL relaxes rules limiting touchdown revelry

Call it the Celebration Football League.

The CFL announced Thursday that it is relaxing its standard for touchdown celebrations by removing the blanket prohibition on the use of props.

The move comes after recent celebrations involving the use of sideline signage and a TSN camera were flagged for objectionable conduct. Under the new standard, props can be used to celebrate a score “provided they are not hidden in a player’s uniform or the goal post assembly, they are not demeaning or discriminatory in any way, they do not simulate the firing of a weapon and they do not unduly delay the game.”

Rules against throat slashes or “any action with a sexual connotation” still apply.

“At the end of the day, football is a game and it should be fun for players and fun for fans,” CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said in a release.

The CFL – likely with a little push from TSN – says players still need to be careful when celebrating, however.

“Players who choose to use a prop such as a hand-held television camera or other private property assume liability should that property be damaged,” the release says.

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