Returning to play the Argos is ‘personal’ for traded Lions DL Shawn Lemon

Shawn Lemon is making the matchup against his former team, personal.

“Toronto the city has a special spot in my heart. Just naturally I was very hurt about how things went down with me being traded so this is definitely a very, very personal game for me,” Lemon said.

“I was shocked, I was a little disappointed because I loved the city so much, I made that place my home in the off-season.”

The 29-year-old was traded to the B.C. Lions near the end of July. Lemon spent parts of three seasons in Toronto. He was named an East All-Star in 2016 when he recorded 22 tackles and a career-high 14 sacks in 16 games and played a key role on the Argos defence that helped the team wan a Grey Cup in 2017.

“I was disappointed in being traded and being close with those guys in the locker room. Just having to do a lot because when guys come into Toronto they want to know about the city, they want to know about should I come join this team, I was the first one that was being called to talk to these guys. So I felt like I had a lot to do with a lot of those guys being signed over there. This is very personal for me,” Lemon said.

Lemon has played eight seasons in the CFL, recording 117 tackles, 52 sacks, 19 forced fumbles and one interception in 82 games. First-year defensive coordinator Mike Archer changed the scheme on defence from what Corey Chamblin employed last season.

“I feel like I did things the right way even though not playing structurally in the same defence as we were last year, I didn’t make any excuses about it, I just went out there, tried to help the guys out and do the best I could do to my abilities,” Lemon said.

Lemon knows Marc Trestman’s offence well after practising against it for an entire season. And he believes none of the Argos offensive linemen can block him.

“They won’t leave me one-on-one with any one of those guys,” Lemon said.

“They couldn’t block me when I was there and I don’t see how they’re going to block me this weekend either. I can line up over any one of their linemen and beat any one of them, so they’re going to have their hands full.”

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