Manziel says he’s dealing with a ‘delayed onset concussion’

Johnny Manziel felt good enough to go back in the game against Ottawa but that changed in the days after the contest.

Manziel was rocked by a hit while trying to run the ball over the goal-line in a 24-17 loss in Ottawa last weekend in his second career CFL start.

“Dealing with just some headaches and what I’ve kinda been told looks like a delayed onset concussion, I guess. That’s what I’m dealing with some problems with my head a little bit. That’s the hardest part is not being there at practice, not being around the guys and having to be away for a couple days because I felt like we were getting into a rhythm, getting into a groove and the hardest part is stopping that right now. I started feeling a little worse as this week started to go on, hopefully, the next few days it will look a little bit better,” Manziel said on his Barstool Sports Comeback SZN podcast.

“I definitely took a good shot and one of the better shots I’ve taken.”

After passing concussion protocol during the game, Manziel was placed under the league’s concussion protocol on Wednesday. There was concern that Manziel had suffered a concussion during the game and should have been taken out. Seven plays went by before Manziel took the field again in the nation’s capital.

“The biggest thing that people were questioning was during the game I didn’t come out of the game, I don’t think there was any way I was going to come out of the game. But nevertheless, immediately after I was able to recall the plays we had on that drive, the score, I had a headache but not anything you’d expect from a hit like that,” Manziel said.

“The next couple days I felt decent, still was a little headache that was different than the norm, I couldn’t really tell if it was getting back in at three or four in the morning from Ottawa after the game on Saturday and not getting much sleep the next day or if I was having some problems. It just kind of went on and got a little bit worse. I’ll try to get back to my baseline and my norm a little bit. I’ll hopefully be back sooner rather than later.”

Manziel missed practice on Tuesday and Wednesday in Montreal.

“I know what the game is and hits like this are typical, so I’m the first person to say I know what it was whenever I signed up,” Manziel said.

“As far as just doing some of the things you would normally do through a day, simple things you’re just not doing those very well, it starts to get to you a little bit and make you think about it a little more long term. But I’m not anticipating it being something like that. There is no real timetable.”

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