Alouettes’ Sherman says ‘CTE is very serious and you don’t mess with concussions’

Montreal Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman believes everyone on the sidelines followed the exact concussion protocol when Johnny Manziel came to the bench following a hard hit at the goal line in Ottawa.

“First and foremost when Johnny came off the field, I immediately went over to see how he was doing, he was sitting up and he was alert. The spotter was there from the league, the official came over when I was there, our doctors were there,” Sherman said.

“And in this day and age, in particular, any day and age, you don’t mess with concussions. CTE is a very serious, serious injury and you just don’t mess with concussions. Doctors don’t mess with them, I’m not a doctor, I have no advice to give when a young man gets hurt, that’s a doctor’s call, but they go through the nth degree on protocol.”

Manziel was rocked by Redblacks defensive back Jonathan Rose as he tried to score a touchdown in Montreal’s 24-17 loss during Week 9.

Seven plays later Manziel was back in the game, but he missed practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Montreal as the Alouettes were preparing to play the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday.

“Sometimes they don’t show up until a couple days later, if that’s a possibility, that’s a possibility. As far as him going to get blood work done, that was in relationship to his medication. The side effects of his medication are very similar to what someone who took a blow to the head could be,” Sherman said.

“But he did go to have his medication levels checked on Tuesday. In my lifetime I never ever would put a player in jeopardy, it’s just not worth it to me or to a game that you’re playing and have to deal with his family and his life.”

According to Bar Stool Sports’ Kayce Smith, Manziel won’t play in Week 10 against the Eskimos. The Als quarterback said on his Barstool Sports Comeback SZN podcast that he’s dealing with a delayed onset concussion.

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