Duron Carter feels Riders release was weird how it went down

Duron Carter was back in Regina Tuesday after being released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders meeting fans and signing autographs at a local store Coda Clothing along with former teammates Naaman Roosevelt, Caleb Holley and Christion Jones.

Chris Jones called Carter to deliver the news on Saturday night.

“It was a 30-second conversation. He told me he appreciates what I did on offence and defence and that they were going in a different direction. I said ‘alright coach’ and that was the conversation,” Carter said.

“They wanted to go into a different direction without me and I wish all the best, these are still my guys and I want them to thrive.”

The 27-year-old playmaker didn’t ask Jones about the reasons for the club going in a different direction.

“It wouldn’t change anything. I would still be released, it’s not like I’m on trial. Coach Jones says it wasn’t one individual thing. If you ask me and anybody else everything was all cool but no telling what people are thinking and going through their mind and having their little secretive meetings,” Carter said.

“Nobody wants to be put in this situation at any time in their career. You always have to take a look in the mirror first and see what you can do to change and always be more productive and that’s what I have to do.”

Despite being let go mid-season by the Riders, Carter harbours no ill will towards the team. He re-signed for the 2018 season in January due to make $144,000 in hard money throughout the 2018 CFL season.

“I don’t hold any grudges, not any hostility. At the end of the day, it’s like one of the teams that I supposedly got kicked out of and nobody like me wants to sign me. Everything eventually comes to light, hopefully, I’m still standing in the end,” Carter said.

“It’s football man I wouldn’t put it past anybody. There is a business aspect and you gotta make decisions on how you feel is necessary. It’s just weird how it all went about. That was days ago now so you forget about it and I’m moving on to the next.”

Carter recorded 81 receptions for 1,154 yards and nine touchdowns in 25 games for the Riders. There are franchises interested in signing Carter that were not in the mix last time he was a free agent.

“Talking to teams right now that a year and a half ago that didn’t want to sign me, it’s me doing my due diligence. Everybody sees what I was doing on and off the field trying to help and right my image in a sense. You just have to let things go and keep on trucking,” Carter said.

“Yeah, I gotta work in a sense. I see travelling as going anywhere, travelling is coming to Regina because I’ve never been here, taking the time and seeing everywhere even if it be Canada or anywhere else.

Carter has been going through the process of finding a new squad where he doesn’t feel handcuffed.

“Even now talking to GM’s, if it’s my first time talking to them they’re just like I’ve heard some things, some really good things, some really bad things, but it’s a pleasure finally talking to you and getting some clarity,” Carter said.

“But I can’t really affect how everybody thinks of me at this point it’s getting tiresome. All I can do is just be the best person I can.”

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