Why the comments section is closed

Our comments section here at 3DownNation is… let’s say “lively.” Passionate. Sometimes kinda terrible. Often rude. Most of the time, it’s pretty interesting. Or at the very least, entertaining.

It’s been my fervent hope that it would be self-policing but it’s pretty clear that’s not happening. The usual exchanges between the usual suspects are not, generally speaking, the issue. The bigger risk is the outlier, the person who drops something so offensive it needs to be dealt with immediately. It happened recently.

Because 3DownNation is still a small operation, that job falls to me. And that’s fine. I’ve taken some heat for how I’ve handled things, some of it fair criticism, but I’ve always tried to react quickly to the big stuff.

Starting today, however, I’m heading to a spot where I won’t have consistent wifi or even cell service. It’s not a holiday, exactly, because 3DownNation requires constant attention and the CFL soldiers on. But I want to take a break from having to monitor the literally hundreds of comments we now get a day.

So I’m shutting them off.

I’m sure this will annoy some of our regular commenters while providing others with a respite from usual back-and-forth. I expect they’ll return in about a week… though we may find that we enjoy the quiet.

Any questions or concerns I’m at [email protected]



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