Ticats’ Simoni Lawrence mic’d up for Manziel debut highly entertaining

Ticats linebacker Simoni Lawrence has one of the most energetic personalities in the CFL.

TSN made a fantastic decision to mic Lawrence up for Hamilton’s game against the Montreal Alouettes and Johnny Manziel, who made his CFL debut.

Before the game, Lawrence was riding the bike getting ready to take the field while chatting with Chris Williams saw the camera following him and remembered he was mic’d.

“Ah sh*% I forgot about I’m mic’d up,” Lawrence said and laughed and laughed and laughed.

When Lawrence stepped between the white lines for the first defensive series, fellow linebacker Larry Dean intercepted Manziel for the first pick of the game. Lawrence came off the field celebrating the turnover.

“That was too easy. That was too easy, Dean. Dean that was like bro, bro it can’t get no easier than that,” Lawrence said.

“Some people play football and some people make plays. Damn, his first throw was a pick, that’s sad.”

Then linebacker coach Robert Lyles reiterated what the Ticats felt Manziel wanted to do.

“Johnny wants to throw the ball, so stay deep,” Lyles said.

Jumal Rolle intercepted Manziel for the third time and Mike Daly grabbed the fourth in the game. Hamilton won 50-11.

“I ain’t never seen no quarterback throw four interceptions and the crowd still go crazy. Throw four picks, be down by 50 and still get Johnny calls. This is ridiculous,” Lawrence said.

The game finished with Manziel on the bench for the entire fourth quarter and Lawrence still on the field, talking.

“We want Johnny!!!! We want Johnny!!!!”

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