Video: Johnny Manziel feels football gods humbled him in losing CFL debut

After getting shellacked 50-11 by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Montreal Alouettes quarterback Johnny Manziel says his first CFL game was “humbling experience.”

Manziel threw an interception on his second pass and four picks total on the night, the most in a CFL game this season.

“I think I might have been a little bit too amped up. I made it a real uncharacteristic throw and set us back. I think I did a bad job of setting the tone off that first drive and really put us in a bad spot,” Manziel said.

“I sit here at the end of the game and take a lot of the responsibility for this loss. No excuse for the practices or anything like that. I felt that I made some uncharacteristic plays today.”

Manziel said he plans to use the game as motivation as he continues his CFL career. He was benched after three-quarters of action. However, head coach Mike Sherman said he will stick with Manziel as his starting quarterback for Montreal’s game against Ottawa next week.

“This game is humbling. This is a humbling experience. I’ve had this experience before and there’s two ways you ho about this moving forward: one, you can let this get you down and sulk and harm you moving forward. The other way is to take this on the chin like a man and never let this happen again,” he said.

“Moving forward, I know this is going to motivate me. I know this is a test. This is a test of my will and my drive and I’ve put too much time and too much effort to let this get away from me. Bad days happen in football. That was the most picks I’ve ever thrown in a game and it’s humbling.

“I’m not going to let this set me back.”

Manziel refused to blame his lack of preparation time for his performance.

“Would it have been nice to be here for two or three weeks and then get your first start? Sure. But I didn’t lack any confidence coming into this game. I didn’t feel unprepared but who knows? Today went just about as bad as it could possibly go and only up from here. I wanted this day to go a lot better, I had this envisioned in my head as going a completely different way than it did. But I believe this is a test of my drive and a test of our will as a team. We need to man up, me included,” Manziel said.

“It would have been nice to have more practices and more meetings and more time, but it was just a bad day and those days happen in football and learn from them because I don’t want to have this feeling again, it sucks. But nevertheless I don’t think this defines me coming up here as a CFL player, I don’t think one game good, bad, indifferent or anything makes your career. If I would’ve been judged after one game at Texas A&M I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Just keep working man, football is a tough game, it’s hard, it’s a team game, it takes every piece moving right to make the thing go and when guys are off and there is a lack of communication it tends to sputter, we’ll get better.”

The Alouettes were down 28-0 after the first quarter, tying for the largest deficit through 15 minutes in CFL history.

“I think we got beat so bad, things went so bad, so quick that even throughout the game, even when I was in there I just kept telling myself that this is a test, this is just football gods humbling me. You come up here, it’s not the NFL, it’s the CFL it’s different, you expect to do well, it’s what I’ve been accustomed to from college and had some moment in the NFL.” Manziel said.

“And then you come up here and it’s not what you expected or what you’re used to it’s a different place and this game humbles you. It’s crazy and the people who play it and I just talked to Coach Sherman about this, these things happen. You either bounce back and come back with a vengeance or you sit here and you let it kill you.”

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