Sherman says Manziel will start next week against Redblacks

Montreal Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman says Johnny Manziel will start next week against Ottawa, despite throwing four interceptions in his CFL debut on Friday night.

Sherman was asked if he was sticking with Manziel moving forward after the Alouettes were beaten 50-11 by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“Yes,” he answered simply.

Sherman said he didn’t regret starting Manziel against Hamilton despite limited practice time: he was acquired from the Ticats less than two weeks ago.

“It didn’t look like anybody was ready today, the defence, the offence, special teams so no I don’t have any regrets. He’s going to have to get the first game out of his system,” Sherman said. Mistakes he made he’ll learn from. You really didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities because we didn’t protect very well. He made his share of mistakes but absolutely positively no regrets.”

Sherman was also asked if the team had the players with which to succeed.

“It’s something we have to look at. We look at personnel every week. There aren’t just players sitting at home waiting for a phone call that are really, really good players that are going to come here at this point. We have to find them from different avenues” he said. “I like the players we have, They work hard they do the things I asked them to do. Somehow, some way on game day we seem to get lost. We need to figure that out pretty quickly.”

Sherman also voiced his support for defensive coordinator Rich Stubler and he liked how Manziel handled himself after the loss.

“He said he learned a lot from this ball game. He’s fairly resilient. In the past when he’s played, things have come quite easily for him. This is a challenge but he’s more than ready to accept that challenge,” Sherman said. “I’m very encouraged by his comments after the game. He didn’t beat himself up but he assumed the responsibility he had. But there’s plenty of responsibility for everybody, coaches included.”

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