Jason Maas loses his damn mind, loses wrestling match with Gatorade jug

Jason Maas has flipped out again.

The Edmonton Eskimos head coach threw a temper tantrum on the sidelines during the first half of his team’s game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thursday, attempting to body slam an innocent Gatorade bucket but actually only managing to sort of shove it to the ground. There appeared to be some sort of headset snafu as well.

The Eskimos were winning at the time.

This is hardly Maas’ first mid-game meltdown. There was the time he got mad and smashed his headset to smithereens. Or the time he screamed at his assistant coach on the sidelines. And several other examples of amusing histrionics, swearing and generally emotional behaviour.

While not everybody can be as cyborg-like as Marc Trestman, Maas is taking some heat from the Twitterati for his behaviour.

They say anger gives the devil opportunity but in this case, it appears to have inspired a pretty good idea.

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