Duron Carter playing linebacker? Riders’ Chris Jones says it’s possible

Duron Carter the receiver was fun, Duron Carter the defensive back has been intriguing, Duron Carter the linebacker alright let’s refill the popcorn.

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones points out Carter has lined up at strong-side linebacker in past Riders games.

“We may put Duron there. He may line up at SAM. We’ve been matching up – if you watch very closely he has been at SAM before. Everybody just assumes because you’re close to the box that you’re playing SAM linebacker. We’re matching up on people so it’ll be interesting to see exactly where he ends up,” Jones said.

Derrick Moncrief had held down the SAM linebacker role, playing at a high level to end last season and begin 2018, but he suffered a left arm/shoulder injury in the Week 6 win against Hamilton.

Carter did admit he’s getting bored as a cover man. The 27-year-old has 10 tackles and an interception return for a touchdown in four games as a starter on defence in 2018.

“I’m just getting comfortable at every position. Coach Jones wants us going around, especially with matchups because a lot of their bigger guys are on the inside with the waggle and I can be a bigger presence,” Carter told Murray McCormick of the Regina Leader-Post.

“Calgary also runs a lot of screens and all of that stuff. It’s all in the game planning. We trust him completely and wherever he asks us to play, we’re going to do it.”

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