Riders QB Brandon Bridge gets it

No, this isn’t a piece about how the Riders should give Brandon Bridge the keys and let him actually be the starting quarterback for this team until Zach Collaros returns from injury. (Even though that should happen, but that’s another story.)

I want to write about Brandon Bridge the person.

It stems from a great story reported by Cami Kepke of Global Regina. As it details, the Kuntz family was celebrating the return of a family member at a local chain restaurant from a trip abroad when Bridge walked in. Obviously, everyone noticed and the kids at the table eventually mustered up the courage to ask for an autograph. Grandma got to chat with Bridge, his girlfriend and offensive lineman Josiah St. John, who were ordering take out. It’s such a CFL story.

This would have been enough to make most fans night. Expect, there was more. Bridge also picked up the tab for the party of nearly 30 people.

By CFL and non-sports world standards, Bridge makes pretty decent money, but it’s not much compared to the rest of the pro-sports world. No one would have ever expected Bridge to open his wallet for a table for two that he wasn’t sitting at, let alone such a large party. But he did it.

What this tells us is that Bridge gets it. He sees himself as more than just someone who plays football in this province.

Ever since he’s arrived in Saskatchewan he’s done all of the little things right. He’s a prototypical CFLer who understands the importance of fans. He’s always made himself available to Rider Nation and the fans have repaid him in spades by making him one of the more popular players in the Chris Jones era.

Really, this shouldn’t be all that surprising. Bridge has always believed he’s a part of something bigger. Last season when he routinely came off the bench to replace Kevin Glenn, as the spotlight found it’s way to Bridge, he quickly turned it to Canadian quarterbacks counting toward the ratio. Bridge always talked big picture, he wants to set up the next generation of potential Canadian quarterbacks for success.

These are just the stories we’ve heard about too.

No matter what happens on the field for Bridge during the rest of his time in Saskatchewan and the CFL, there’s no question that his impact will be felt.

Even if the rules for Canadian quarterbacks don’t change, at the very least, he made a family’s night and that’s awesome.

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