Reilly says TSN better ‘do a good job with the mute button’ for Eskimos live mic game

Wearing a live mic won’t change the way Mike Reilly plays quarterback.

The Edmonton Eskimos quarterback will have a live mic on when Reilly hosts the Toronto Argonauts on Friday, July 13. TSN has ramped up the live mic games to one per week and four per team from Week 3 to 20.

Back in October 2016, Jason Maas and Reilly ditched the live mics even though the Eskimos had agreed to put them on.

“Honestly, it was something that after we talked about it all week, I decided it was something that we didn’t feel comfortable with doing. That’s all I can really say about it,” Reilly told TSN’s John Lu after the game.

“When you’re on the field, you’re trying to play football and it turned into something that was going to be a big distraction and something that I felt was gonna hurt our football club. So, honestly, I tried to do what’s best for the team, best for me out here playing and that’s how the decision was made.”

Maas and the team were fined and Edmonton did end up wearing live mics in a November game against Toronto that same season. And it seems as though Reilly has come around on wearing the live mics.

“You just try to forget about that and pretend like it’s not there and whatever they’re going to mute out – if you put a mic on a guy in a game, football is a very physical, very violent game and emotions run high and they run hot on the field. And that’s the way that you’re going to play your best football,” Reilly said.

“You can’t worry about it, whatever ends up on air, that’s for other people to deal with, that’s the risk you run if you’re going to put live mics on people, so hopefully, they do a good job with the mute button on it. I’m not going to change the way I’m going to play.”

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