Redblacks LB Hebert fires back at former Stamps RB Jon Cornish

Former Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish called on the Ottawa Redblacks to cut linebacker Kyries Hebert after the latest in a long line of on-field transgressions. 

Hebert shot back on Wednesday before he returns from suspension to face the Calgary Stampeders Thursday night in Ottawa.

“It’s not something I care about, no. I saw Cornish had a tweet but it was kind of soft, which is how I always treated him on the field. Whatever, I’m here to support my team and my family and the fans of (Redblacks nation), that’s who I care about,” Hebert told Postmedia reporter Danny Austin.

The CFL suspended Hebert for one-game after his hit on Stamps receiver DaVaris Daniels. Hebert has a couple of other dirty hits on his official record, including one involving Cornish, he’s well known throughout the league as a headshot artist and dirty player. The 37-year-old was ejected and received the maximum fine for a headshot on Cornish that left the Calgary running back with a concussion in 2014. 

Hebert was also fined the maximum allowable (which amounts to half his game cheque) last August after a similar hit on then-Argos quarterback Cody Fajardo. 

Cornish also included the #MeToo hashtag in his Tweet, which is associated with women speaking up regarding sexual violence. 

That’s likely in reference to an incident of domestic violence in 2006 when Hebert pled guilty to two misdemeanours in Texas after initially being charged with aggravated assault for allegedly holding his wife’s head underwater in a bathtub and threatening to kill her during a dispute over a cell phone bill.

After his wife declined to go to trial, Hebert was sentenced to two years probation, $1,200 in fines and 80 hours community service. He also joined a domestic abuse counselling group.

Though it’s unlikely the Redblacks will let Hebert go, Cornish’s Tweet is another step in ridding the game of dangerous hits: players holding other players publicly accountable for their actions. 

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