Concussions have dropped significantly: CFL

The CFL has tracked concussions for five years, according to Postmedia reporter Dan Barnes, and the number of head injuries has dropped since 2015.

Reported concussions during the regular season totalled 44 in 2014 and 45 in 2015, then dropped to 32 in 2016 and 33 last year.

“I’m happy to say our concussion numbers have gone down,” said Kevin McDonald, vice-president of football operations and player safety. “But it could be that more guys just aren’t telling us, which is why we focus on education in training camp. We walk them through a detailed presentation that reminds them of the importance of letting somebody know if you’re not quite feeling yourself, so it can get looked at and properly assessed and go through the steps that ensure a player has the chance to recover properly.”

New helmets could be helping the decline in concussions. However, the Canadian Football League Players’ Association filed a grievance against the CFL and all nine member clubs in March alleging that the league and its teams “have failed and continue to fail” to protect players from brain injuries and concussions.

While commissioner Randy Ambrosie hasn’t seen enough evidence to be convinced that concussions can lead to CTE, he’s committed to making the game “better and safer for our players.”

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