Sheldon, the irate Riders fan, calms down after ugly win

After blowing up when the Riders lost to the Alouettes, Sheldon the Riders fan reappeared to give his thoughts after Saskatchewan’s win over Hamilton.

Sheldon called into the 620 CKRM SportsCage post-game show in a much, much better mood after the Riders’ 18-13 victory last Thursday.

“I’m back in the house tonight you’ll be happy to know,” Sheldon joked. “Listen, so last week I kind of blew up there, I don’t regret it because I say what’s in my heart. Last week we were completely at our lowest point, we lost to probably the worst team in the CFL by a landslide, we played poor on both sides of the ball, we lost at home on Humboldt Strong night, I was very disappointed we didn’t show up. We played a better team tonight and I felt like it was almost like the Mohammed Ali fight in the jungle, it was like a rope-a-dope.”

The Ticats had more first downs, passing yards, rushing yards and time of possession but somehow the Riders won.

“I gotta give props where props is due, Chris Jones the blitzing tonight was beautiful, it was like a work of art. We showed different schematics, different guys from different angles, we kept their offence on their toes not knowing what was coming,” Sheldon said.

Jones started Brandon Bridge but rotated CFL rookie David Watford in for at least one series per quarter.

“Sometimes I jump to conclusions as you guys know. I started thinking about it and I said this quarterback rotation what the hell is the point behind this? You’re not getting any consistency, cohesion, but then I thought about it for a minute, I haven’t been around the game as long as Chris Jones and the guy is a proven winner,” Sheldon said.

Bridge completed 11-of-13 passes for 101 yards, including the crucial 29-yard completion to Josh Stanford which set up the winning major, while rushing four times for 30 yards and accounting for all 12 offensive points the Riders scored. Watford went 3-of-6 for 47 yards and ran seven times for 50 yards, all of his drives ended in punts.

“Maybe what he wanted to do with two young quarterbacks that he’s not completely confident that can be starting quarterbacks that you can go to every single down, they might lose confidence. Maybe what he thought he would do is change it up and rotate to keep the pressure off of them. Not just as much as keeping the defence guessing as to what’s coming, but keeping the pressure off the young guys, letting them feed off each other, I think that’s what worked tonight for us,” Sheldon said.

“Bridge’s completion ratio was up tonight. I felt like he took the pressure off the young guys and they fed off each other, it’s almost like he made it a brotherhood on the field between those two and they fed off each other.”

Sheldon seems aware that his tirade has earned him a certain level of notoriety.

“Apparently all this crap has been blowing up on Twitter and Facebook and these things and it’s funny to watch. I’m not trying to make people think that I hate the Riders, that I only complain, I give props where it’s due. But I’m very passionate about the game, I love the Riders so when they play like dog meat, I’m going to call it dog meat,” Sheldon said.

“I don’t think my cardiologist would like that too much.”

Like most Riders fans, Sheldon was basking in the victory, ugly or not.

“We found a way to win. Jones found a way to beat a better football team tonight and I’m going to give him credit for that. I’m going to celebrate this win, not too stiff of a drink.”

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