Green Cast: Dissecting a dumpster fire

Joel Gasson is joined this week by special guest co-host Arielle Zerr from the CJME/CKOM Green Zone as John Fraser apparently needed a vacation.

Joel and Arielle give the Riders credit for a wonderful #HumboldtStrong ceremony before getting into that abysmal game on Saturday night at Mosaic Stadium. They discuss Duron Carter at defensive back, Chris Jones’ handling of the quarterbacks and the state of the offence as a whole. They also take a quick look at this week’s game against Hamilton.

In the weekly look across the CFL, Joel and Arielle talk about how Matt Nichols pending return to Winnipeg’s line-up changes the dynamic in the west and Kyries Hebert finally getting suspended.

As always, thanks to the Pile O’ Bones Brewing Company for their continued support of the show!

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