Duron Carter has nasty exchange with Kevin Elliott on Instagram after getting burned on defence

Duron Carter is a BBQ chicken – and a salty one at that.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive back and part-time receiver got into it with B.C. Lions receiver Kevin Elliott on Instagram after Elliott had the audacity to point out the obvious: that Carter got roasted by Montreal receiver Chris Williams on Saturday.

This exchange features some profanity and language that some may find offensive. Consider yourself warned.

The CFL posted a clip of Williams 79-yard touchdown that came at Carter’s expense and Elliott showed up in the comments to take a shot at Carter. A lot of other folks chimed in as well but here’s the exchange between the two:

: @cwillkl80 puts on the AFTERBURNERS for the major #CFLGameDay (via @tsn_official)

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kev1n_3lliott_ BBQ Chicken

dc_chillin_8 @kev1n_3lliott_ you been having a whole lotta shit to say for a nigga that never did shit ‍♂️

kev1n_3lliott_ @dc_chillin_8 You ain’t doing shit neither might as well be where I’m at. #ILikeMeVsYouAnyday

dc_chillin_8 I’m worth 4 of you sir!!! Relax‍♂️

kev1n_3lliott_ @dc_chillin_8 Ha! You’re a scrub according to the film. Your head coach has more faith in you than he should…. #FilmDontLie

dc_chillin_8 @kev1n_3lliott_ film what!? Nigga get on film your vacation around the league about the stop soon!! Stop stealing sir… you wish you were me but it’s ok.. I wish I was me too

kev1n_3lliott_ @dc_chillin_8 ha! The shit you put on film is pathetic. Stop living off your fathers name you bum. You gave up at least 200 yards on defence. Stop disrespecting the game. #BigFacts #YouPooOnTheScoutinfReport #KnockedKneedAhhJit

Carter getting into it with people on Twitter is nothing new but two players going at it in such a visceral way is more unusual.

We’ll give the last word to Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Brandon Banks, who may see a little bit of Carter next Thursday when the Ticats travel to Regina to play the Riders.

speedybanks16 @kev1n_3lliott_ thanks for entertainment this am fellaz @dc_chillin_8

Entertainment indeed.

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