Let Duron Carter do what he does best

Let the madness end already!

That might have been a little dramatic but the time has come to end the Duron Carter playing defensive back experiment.

Yes, Carter has two interceptions returned for touchdowns in two career starts in the defensive backfield. Yes, he’s showed some flashes of brilliance. Yes, he doesn’t look that out of place for the most part. This isn’t really a commentary on his ability to play defence or get better at playing defence. Things did get rough for him after the interception against the Ottawa Redblacks, but even the best have rough days, ask Tommie Campbell. Carter very easily could learn from that experience and become a better defender for it.

I even understood giving Carter the first shot at playing defence the game after the injury to Nick Marshall. It was a shortish week and perhaps getting a younger guy up to speed in that timeframe might have been too much to ask. Carter at least understands the defensive system and worked on his defence throughout training camp.

That’s not what any of this is about.

It’s about putting Carter in a position to help the team the most and it’s about putting the team in a better position to win football games. Even at his very best defensively, Carter is a better receiver. His average day is probably on par with his defensive high bar.

As it stands right now, there’s a lot of questions surrounding a Rider offence that looked rather pedestrian (to put it nicely) last week against the Redblacks. They looked like an offence that could use a spark. Something that Carter can easily provide. Naaman Roosevelt is an elite receiver who didn’t get much help against Ottawa. Carter can help there too.

Now, Carter can’t help the team protect the quarterback, as that’s a whole other issue, but he does give Brandon Bridge an option to throw the 50-50 ball if the pocket is collapsing, he’s on the run or about to take a hit. If there’s one thing we know about Bridge at this point, he has the arm but sometimes lacks accuracy, Carter can help with that.

If there’s any week to give a young defensive back a shot, it might be this week against the worst team in the league. If no one else can cut it, you can still go back to Carter and it in all likelihood won’t cost you a football game. So, why not give it a go? If a coach can’t trust someone to play, should they still be here?

On the flip side, Carter playing defence likely won’t cost the Riders this game either, but his offence is far more likely to help them win this week and beyond and that’s what it’s all about.

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