Ricky Ray’s football future uncertain after injury to his neck: Popp

Toronto Argonauts general manager Jim Popp says he’s unsure whether quarterback Ricky Ray will play again after suffering a neck injury and being carted off the field last Saturday.

He’s the only one who can answer that. I have no idea,” Popp told TSN 1040 in Vancouver on Monday night. “He’ll always be a champion whether he plays one or five more years, whether he wins another championship again or whether he wins five more, but at the end of it, that’s a decision he has to make with his family.

If he misses a good chunk of the season, if that’s what turns out, then that’s his decision. He may want to come back and not go out that way, he may decide – and he’s the only one that knows this – I was only going to play another year anyway, what’s the point in returning. Until Ricky Ray makes his own decision just like he made a decision to return, he would have to answer those questions. I don’t think any of that type of thought process or if it were to happen would be shocking. We’ll have to see what takes place.”

Popp said Ray’s injury was the result of a “very awkward play” but is not to his spinal cord and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Ricky has an injury to his neck. What I can tell you from what I know at this stage, he’s been through a gamut of tests, he’s finally home, but going through a very thorough process which has been reviewed by specialists, it will be by a second opinion specialist,” Popp said. “There’s no spinal column injury whatsoever, which is great so he’ll make a 100 per cent recovery. But it’s an injury that’s significant enough that’s going to keep him out for a period of time.”

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