Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive back/receiver/self -described “Shameless Expert Level Troll” Duron Carter just put a Redblacks fan on blast.

Jason Ruspic, whose Twitter bio describes him as “Government of Canada/SHOE SMUGGLER! RRRRRRRRRREDBLACKS!!!!!!” got things going by responding to another Redblack who described a positive interaction with Carter, whose Riders are in Ottawa to face the Redblacks on Thursday night.

OK, that’s not a very nice thing for Ruspic to say. But fans say terrible things to players on a fairly regular basis and rarely get a response. Carter, however, wasn’t having it and unleashed a series of responses that included an unfortunate reference to menstruation…

Likely encouraged by Carter’s response โ€“ the first rule of the internet is don’t feed the trolls โ€“ Ruspic and his eight followers fired back.

And then it was on, like Donkey Kong…

What makes Ruspic somewhat different from the usual anonymous Twitter eggs that take shots at players is that he appears to be using his real name: a quick Google search and scroll through his timeline reveals he’s likely a government employee who went to high school in Ottawa, likes BBQ and mourned the loss of Anthony Bourdain. He’s also a Redblacks fan who chirped an opposing player.

Whether Carter wasย justified in going back at him is debatable and will likely depend on a) how you feel about Carter, b) whether you’re a hardcore Riders fans and c) whether you think players are entitled to defend themselves from the garbage they have to take on Twitter.

But players insulting fans on Twitter โ€“ particularly using jokes about menstruation โ€“ isn’t a particularly good look.