Riders radio man Rod Pedersen says he was kicked out of Redblacks walkthrough


According to Saskatchewan Roughriders play-by-play man Rod Pedersen, the Ottawa Redblacks removed him from their walkthrough on Wednesday.

Walkthroughs are typically open to the media, including those who cover the opposing team. Interviews with players and coaches are generally conducted on the field after the on-field session is complete. It’s not unusual for radio play-by-play guys, who often host pre-, half- and post-game shows, to attend the opposing teams’ walkthrough to conduct interviews, gather tape and chat with fellow members of the media.

But sources say Pedersen was removed after Ottawa offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo raised concerns.

Why would the Redblacks eject Pedersen? Teams typically run through their offensive, defensive and special teams sets and that information could be of interest to the opposing the team. Ottawa was likely concerned that Pedersen would convey some of what he saw back to the Riders and they would be able to glean a competitive advantage (however small) from the information. Doing so would be a breach of the unwritten rules surrounding how the media cover the CFL.

And while it’s not unusual for radio guys to wear team-branded gear at a walkthrough and during games, this probably didn’t help…

The Redblacks have responded, saying Pedersen wasn’t kicked out.


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