Guy who ran onto the field at B.C. Place hires a lawyer

The man who was hit by B.C. Lions defensive back Marcell Young after running onto the field during last Saturday’s game against the Montreal Alouettes has retained legal counsel.

According to a release issued by the Prezzler Law Firm, the unidentified man “suffered serious injuries, including a mild traumatic brain injury” after being hit by Young.

“Our client has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. His future prognosis remains unclear,” the release adds. “Contrary to some news reports, our client was never arrested or taken to jail, but was released from the stadium shortly after the incident before being taken to the hospital by his family.”

The man was fined $115 and instructed to stay away from B.C. Place for a year.

While the release doesn’t specifically mention a lawsuit, hiring legal counsel is the first logical step in suing Young, the Lions and just about anyone else the “victim” and his lawyers can think of.

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