Manziel barely gets passing grade on rookie singing performance

Ticats all-star linebacker Simoni Lawrence admits to being a tough grader.

Rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel got up on stage at McMaster University just as training camp ended and performed his rendition of “Let It Burn” by Usher.

“It’s just a classic,” Manziel said with a smile. “I had to do some Usher.” “It was fun, it’s part of it. All the rookies went so we had a good time.”

First-year Ticat players are encouraged to sing a song or tell a joke before the special teams meeting every evening during training camp.

“His performance was alright: 5.5 out of 10. The song was good that’s the reason I gave him a 5.5. I feel like he gave us a B- performance. Somebody else might give him a better grade,” Lawrence said.

“I’ve seen Johnny be more hype with other songs, so I know he can sing better than that. Johnny is cool, he’s just a regular teammate: the only thing is he’s famous. That’s it. He’s famous but he’s a regular fun teammate like everybody else.”

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