Idiot on the field gets destroyed by B.C. Lions player

So while fans running on the field of play is certainly a thing in other sports, it’s not something that happens with regularity in the CFL.

And after what happened tonight at B.C. Place, you can see why.

Early in the second quarter of the Lions game against the Montreal Alouettes, a fan wearing what appears to be a Jon Jennings jersey and, um, blue tighty-whities ran onto the field and scurried around for a bit. As security looked to track him down, Lions defensive back Marcell Young laid him out with a pretty good hit.

Here are some angles…

The picture of the guy getting hauled off the field is not quite in NSFW territory but it’s close.

Anyway, nice hit by Young and it should serve as a warning to all beer-guzzling pitch invaders: in the three-down game, such a move comes with some very real risks to personal safety.

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