Video: CFL rookie Johnny Manziel performs on stage for Ticats teammates

Johnny Manziel may be a former first-round pick in the NFL but he’s still a CFL rookie – and that means he has to perform.

Based on the Instagram account of receiver Brandon Banks, Manziel took to the stage to perform a rendition of… something?

While there is no formal “rookie show” first-year Ticat players have been encouraged to sing a song or tell a joke before the special teams meeting every evening during training camp at McMaster University. With camp wrapping up today, Manziel just got his performance in under the wire.

Veteran centre Mike Filer said earlier in camp that it’s all in fun.

“It’s anything – you have to entertain the vets, he said. “My first year in Calgary, we had to stand up and sing in front of everyone and if you can’t sing, you have to tell a joke and if you tell a bad joke, you get booed off the stage.”

By the look of Banks’ short clip, Manziel’s teammates were amused by his performance – and likely pleased that he did his rookie duty like everybody else.

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