Jones: Riders coaches will have to take pay cuts (including him)

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones says he and his coaches will have to take a pay cut after reports that the CFL will impose a cap on football operation expenses starting next season.

“Everybody is going to have to take a pay cut,” Jones said.

You too? A reporter asked.

“Absolutely. What do you think I’m going to hang everybody else out to dry and I’m not going to take [a cut]. You should know me better than that,” Jones said.

“Everybody’s got this vision that I’m making more than the commissioner and that we got four million coaches, that’s not accurate. Now they’ve changed the landscape and we will comply like everybody else.”

According to TSN reporter Dave Naylor, the hard money number will be $2.723 million and coaching staffs will be maxed out at 11 and front office executives at 17.

“A lot of people will look at what we do and think that we’re breaking the bank, a lot of our coaches are making a lot less than everybody else’s coaches. We were working basically off nearly the same budget that everybody else is,” Jones said.

“Expenditures are a little bit higher than probably what they should be than money coming in. You gotta make it add up, it’s gotta make sense in the bottom line. I feel like our commissioner is going what he can do. I haven’t been able to say whether it’s right, wrong or indifferent. I know I work for the CFL first and then Saskatchewan second so this is how I’ve earned my living for 16-17 years and hope that we can continue to do that five years, 10 years from now. It was made with the right thoughts in mind. We’ll have to support it and see.”

Just based on sheer numbers, there will be coaches who get pink slips when the football expenditures cap takes effect in 2019. Current coaching staff numbers across the league: the Montreal Alouettes have 14 people on staff, Ottawa Redblacks 10, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 11, Toronto Argonauts 15, Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10, Saskatchewan Roughriders 15, Edmonton Eskimos 13, Calgary Stampeders 10 and B.C. Lions 10. That means 13 coaches would be unemployed in 2019.

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