My updated TSN Top 50 ballot with reader-suggested changes

So, just like back in high school, I got an extension on my homework.

My TSN Top 50 ballot was due on Friday but Dave Naylor extended the deadline until Monday, likely because nobody had submitted their paperwork on time.

Anyway, the overall discussion surrounding my list of players was surprisingly constructive and helpful. I only got called an idiot maybe twice, which is about the daily average.

I made several changes to my ballot and I’ve included the comments that played a role in the decision-making. Here’s the original post, and a reminder of the requirements set out by TSN: 40 players, a minimum of five offensive linemen, four defensive linemen, four defensive backs, four linebackers, three running backs, two receivers and a kicker.

Thanks to everyone for the help. The ballot has been submitted and the results will be broadcast on TSN June 12.

1. Mike Reilly, QB, Edmonton Eskimos
Reilly is a lock at #1 after that, you can interchange a lot of players. – MR. Green
I’d say that its a pretty solid list, I would obviously make a few changes. But everyone would. That’s the beauty of putting a list like this together. To get everyone talking. – Rob E

2. (Up from No. 6) Andrew Harris, RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
I would have Andrew Harris higher on the list considering he came close to hitting 1,000 yards on both rushing and receiving last year, which has never been done. – Take This

3. Bo Levi Mitchell, QB, Calgary Stampeders
I actually respect the Stamps. They’re a great organization, BLM is a fantastic QB, they draft well and generally do a really good job of letting players go at the right time/bringing the right players in. – True Green

4. Alex Singleton, LB, Calgary Stampeders

5. Ricky Ray, QB, Toronto Argonauts

6. (Down from No. 2) Duron Carter, REC/DB, Saskatchewan Roughriders
Duron Carter is way overrated. He’s a talented guy but his actual performance has been up and down at times. You should make a list for simply having talent. – cunger

7. Chris Van Zeyl, OT, Toronto Argonauts

8. Brandon Banks, REC/KR, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

9. Ed Gainey, DB, Saskatchewan Roughriders

10. (Up from No. 17) Willie Jefferson, DE, Saskatchewan Roughriders
Willie Jefferson should be higher because I think he is the most dominant defensive player in the league. I could see putting Singleton ahead of him because of NI. I would switch Willie with Hughes. Also thought Roosevelt should be a little higher. – riderontheisland

11. Greg Ellingson, REC, Ottawa Redblacks

12. S.J. Green, REC, Toronto Argonauts

13. (Up from No. 22) Solomon Elimimian, LB, B.C. Lions
I find it hard to believe that Biggie is on the list ahead of Solly. I suppose one can try to argue Biggie was an NFL linebacker LY and Solly a CFL Linebacker but that is a huge stretch to assume that makes him better THIS year. – BC Dave

14. (Up from No. 29) Chris Randle, DB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
I would switch the positions of Chris Randle and TJ Heath. Randle is easily the better of the two players, and honestly should be higher on this list. Honestly, TJ Heath is way too high and I really like the guy. – Royal Blur

15. Diontae Spencer, Ottawa Redblacks, REC/KR

16. Stanley Bryant, OT, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

17. (Down from No. 10) Charleston Hughes, DE, Saskatchewan Roughriders

18. (Up from No. 31) James Wilder Jr, RB, Toronto Argonauts
I think James Wilder Jr is much too low at 31. – adb

19. Derel Walker, REC, Edmonton Eskimos

20. (Up from No. 36) Henoc Muamba, Montreal Alouettes, LB
I would put Henoc Muamba in the top 20 as well. – TimSask

21. Matt Nichols, QB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

22. Naaman Roosevelt, REC, Saskatchewan Roughriders
I don’t get too knotted about the specific ranking, but putting Carter that many spots ahead of Roosevelt is a head-scratcher. It’s 50 best players, not 50 best newsmakers. – the paw

23. (Down from No. 12) Adam Bighill, LB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
I’m not sure why Bighill is better than Solly just because he’s a Bomber now. – Andrew Drown

24. Jerome Messam, RB, Saskatchewan Roughriders

25. Marcus Ball, LB, Toronto Argonauts

26. Micah Johnson, DT, Calgary Stampeders

27. Matt O’Donnell, OL, Edmonton Eskimos

28. Almondo Sewell, DT, Edmonton Eskimos

29. Ciante Evans, DB, Calgary Stampeders

30. (Down from No. 14) T.J. Heath, DB, Toronto Argonauts

31. Justin Medlock, K/P, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

32. (Down from No. 18) Jamaal Westerman, DE, Montreal Alouettes
Don’t think Westerman should be in the top 25. Wasn’t crazy about him even when he was a Bomber: you can count on at least 1 unnecessary roughness for every sack or big pressure. And he doesn’t get double covered like he used to. That said – it’s not like I’m trying to say he’s a bum or anything. Maybe somewhere around #40 or so. – Paul Bomber

33. Spencer Wilson, OL, Calgary Stampeders
I am a Bomber fan, but I LOVE that Spencer Wilson made this list. His ability to play at a high level up and down the line makes him worth his weight in gold. – the paw

34. Chris Rainey, REC/KR, B.C. Lions

35. Ryan Bomben, G, Montreal Alouettes
Someday people will realize that the Bombers have a premier receiver in Darvin Adams. 1120 yds and 7 TDs in 15 games last season. Maybe put him in for Bomben, who is currently injured. – Macavity (Ed note: needed five offensive lineman on the list)

36. Taylor Loffler, S, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

37. Trevor Harris, QB, Ottawa Redblacks

38. John Bowman, Montreal Alouettes, DE

39. Tommie Campbell, DB, Montreal Alouettes
What about Tommie Campbell? Just got rated one of the top 2 corners along with Chris Randle who is on this list. – Garner Ross

40. Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Interesting that Masoli didn’t make the list but Manziel did. Real head scratcher. – TicatTO

Off the list:
39. Rob Maver, P, Calgary Stampeders
Sinopoli, Crezdon Butler, Gable, Arceneaux that Bomber receiver Adams. No way Maver is more valuable. – MR. Green

40. Johnny Manziel, QB, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Definitely get Manziel off the list until he shows/does something when the bullets are flying. Insert Masoli somewhere in there as he should be shown some respect for the turnaround last year. – Wogmam

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