Riders’ Duron Carter muses about a future in politics

“President Duron” does have a certain ring to it.

Like all things involving Carter, there was an element of humour to it, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders star would like to have a future in politics

Carter was asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump while signing autographs for fans in Saskatoon.

“He’s cool man. He’s the president, you gotta rock with him until somebody else is the president,” Carter said. “I would run for president. When I turn 35, I become eligible.”

In the U.S., the president must be 35 years of age to hold office.

Another fan wondered if Carter would run for prime minister. The Riders have held practices on the road at Parliament Hill the last two seasons with Chris Jones as head coach.

“I don’t think they would let me run for prime minister,” Carter said. “You gotta be a Canadian citizen.”

That’s true. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be the mayor – or court jester – of Riderville.

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