Duron Carter: TSN’s Derek Taylor ‘should be fired with all those wack ass stats’

For Duron Carter, the devil is in the details.

Shortly after his team’s 35-12 beat down at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos in the pre-season opener, the Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver took exception to a Tweet from TSN’s Derek Taylor – who produces a segment on the CFL broadcasts known as Details with Derek Taylor – after Taylor had the audacity to suggest that Carter wasn’t the best receiver on his team.

Carter shot back that Taylor “should be fired with all those wack ass stats.”

Taylor didn’t fire back at Carter but instead mildly butchered a turn of phrase intended to convey that he didn’t want to get into it.

The line is actually “new phone, who dis?” but whatever, the joke is still pretty good.


Carter kept going, bringing up the well-worn trope that only those that have played are entitled to an opinion…

TSN’s Farhan Lalji, who did a fun little piece on Carter before the first exhibition game, tried to play the role of peacemaker.

By this morning, Carter appeared to rediscover his sense of humour.

For the record, Carter’s last two seasons: 134 catches, 1,981 yards, 13 touchdowns. Roosevelt: 151 catches, 2,130 yards, 10 touchdowns. And his last Tweet:

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