We have a Kent Austin sighting… at a U2 concert in Nashville

So there’s been some speculation as to what former Hamilton Tiger-Cats vice-president of football operations, general manager and head coach Kent Austin has been up to since taking on a “consultant” role in April.

Austin has kept a low profile since the announcement: he wasn’t a visible presence at the team’s mini-camp in April and he’s yet to put in an appearance at training camp this spring.

But the Twitter account for the legendary group of Ticats fans known as the Box J Boys – yeah, the guys in the hard hats and black and gold tartan kilts – posted a pic of Austin on Sunday from, of all places, a U2 concert in Nashville, Tennessee.

The account is run by former Hamiltonian Kostas “Gus” Georgakoulias who moved to Nashville a few years ago to pursue employment opportunities (I’ve had a beer or two with Gus over the years.) Full marks for the “More Cowbell” T-Shirt, my friend.

As for Austin… well, he looks great. He lost a bunch of weight last season and he’s clearly stuck with it. It is, however, somewhat discombobulating – to me, anyway – that Austin is at a U2 concert while the Ticats are at training camp. But last season had to be tough and if he’s taking some time to enjoy his life, good for him. One suspects he’ll be back in football soon enough.

And maybe he’s looking to put Bono on the neg list…

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