‘Yeah, Saskatchewan green’: Duron Carter says pot busts may have helped his jersey sales

Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duron Carter says he thinks a segment of the fan base purchased his jersey after his pair of off-season arrests for marijuana possession.

“Depending on how you feel about whatever you feel about, some people like me even more, some people went and got my jersey, like ‘yeah Saskatchewan green,'” Carter said after the first day of the team’s training camp in Saskatoon.

Carter was charged on Feb. 1 after security officers at the Saskatoon airport found marijuana in Carter’s bag following a search. He was also found with marijuana at the Winnipeg airport last November – possibly pot cookies.

Carter says he doesn’t care if the incidents have impacted his reputation in a negative way.

“I’m done trying to change people’s opinion about me. I’m more about just accepting the people that are there for me and having a whole bunch of fun,” he said. “Eventually, I’m not going to be playing football and you guys are never going to remember Duron Carter again so I’m just going to take advantage of it.”

Carter also had some thoughts on the arrival of Johnny Manziel to the CFL.

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