Dakoda Shepley gets suitably profane shoutout from Trailer Park Boys

New York Jets Canadian offensive lineman and Saskatchewan Roughriders drat pick, Dakoda Shepley appears to have some fans in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Shepley’s dad Vince is a huge fan of the Trailer Park Boys and even has his own Sunnyvale jersey. And he knew that Shepley’s best friend’s band, Huttch, has the same public relations person as the Trailer Park Boys.

“My dad surprised me and sent me the video and said ‘my friends want to congratulate you for signing with the Jets‘. It was hilarious. I never thought I would see that,” Shepley said.

Shepley had just finished a practice with the Jets on Tuesday morning when he saw the video shoutout.

“I actually played in the band before they were Huttch when it was called State of Us. I had to quit the band to move to British Columbia for university. My good friend Robbie Cervi started playing drums in the band when I left and they changed the name to Huttch to get a fresh start. I was in the band for about five years”

Because of the connection with the Trailer Park Boys, Huttch went on a tour to release their own line of beers and Bubbles played the guitar for the band.

Shepley posted the video message on his Instagram from the stars of the Trailer Park Boys – Ricky, Bubbles and Julian – offering their support and some advice for the 6-foot-4, 306-pounder.

The video starts with Ricky, notorious for his malapropisms, messing up Shepley’s name, only to be corrected by Bubbles: “Ricky, it’s ‘Dakoda’ not ‘Da Yoda,’ he’s not a fucking Jedi.”

After Bubbles offers his congratulations on becoming “a superstar football player” Ricky says “it’s amazing, I don’t know how you did it, especially considering all the dope you smoke.”

Responds Bubbles: “He’s going to get investigated now.”

“I was joking about the dope stuff. Maybe,” says Ricky.

Julian offers to manage Shepley and “get him all set up when you want to retire. Or get injured.”

Ricky finishes it up: “New York Fucking Jets. Way to go, Dakoda.”

“Sorry,” says Bubbles.

The Trailer Park Boys, played by Robb Wells, Mike Smith and John Paul Tremblay, is still going strong after 12 seasons and is available on NetFlix.

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